About Us



“Chocolate doesn’t asks silly questions,

Chocolate Understands !”                --- anonymous

The magical world of handmade chocolates led to foundation of a brand that is synonymous with having something that everyone has experienced at least once in a life time – CRUSH, be it on someone or something, even on Chocolates ! Yes ! Our 1st CRUSH CHOCOLATES !

The brand was founded with a commitment to create chocolates that are unique in taste, beautiful to look at and of superior quality confections. We create chocolates which are made not just to tingle your taste buds, they are also a visual treat for your eyes.

1st CRUSH CHOCOLATES are made from Belgian chocolate which are among the finest in the world. Each batch is prepared in small portions with labour and care going into each and every piece of chocolate.

Our handmade chocolates, bars / mendients,  truffles / bonbons are made using a unique blend of flavors and ingredients which result in chocolates that are rich in taste and quality.

Go ahead……. Make 1st Crush Chocolates your 1st Crush !