Strawberry Chocolate Mendiants


Chocolate Base: The chef assumes it is best consumed with white chocolate as a combination but you may select your choice of the chocolate base.

Chocolate Shelflife: 100 Days.

What you will get in this pack: 6 Strawberry Mendiants (250 grams) + Few Free Chocolate Samples + Archies Best Wishes Card + Gift Wrap + Free & Express Shipping.

Quality & Shelf life: Every chocolate is handpicked and packed nicely and has a life span, taste, aroma & shelf life up to 100 days.

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Mendiants are old French-origin chocolate. We try to bring innovations to the regular traditional mendiants by adding some creativity. These strawberry mendiants look amazing and taste even more awesome. Every mendiant chocolate is filled and tossed with real strawberry pieces. In season, when we can source the fresh strawberries, we use them otherwise we use dry strawberries in the chocolate.

We can make this chocolate in Dark, Milk, White, and Sugar chocolate bases.


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